Paca Sox

Client: Paca Sox – Leslee Schwirian

Project Type: New website design, eCommerce

Project Description: 

Leslee and her husband have a growing Alpaca farm in southwester Pennsylvania. They have turned their love of farming into a full time business making and selling socks made of 100% alpaca wool. Leslee is very resourceful and has a good head for business, but she decided to turn over the task of rebuilding her business website to us so that she could focus on what she loves, making quality socks.

This site is a complete eCommerce web store, complete with product pages, shopping cart, checkout, and payment processing. It is completely self service and fully automated. This allows Leslee and her team to make product and process orders. She also has an opt-in form to collect email addresses so she can keep in touch with her customers, informing them of new products and special promotions.

Client URL: Paca Sox